IN TUNE is back!

  7 fantastic songs were written during a three-day songwriting workshop with dads at HMP Polmont.

HMP Glenochil have just had 10 weeks of musical fun and games in family sessions! 

This year we’ve welcomed some new musicians to the team and are looking forward to filling 2023 with new energy and many many more songs. 

UNBOUND – Sharing ‘beyond’ Tuesdays 

There’s been a real buzz at our Unbound Tuesday evenings as we prepare for our first sharing event of 2023! Together with community artist, Chris Duncan, we’re working on new songs and artworks inspired by our year theme of ‘Beyond’! 

For more insight into our Unbound community, check out this Streetsigns podcast which features lots of voices from our community. If you or someone you know is interested in coming along to Unbound (6.30 – 8pm on Tuesday nights) then please contact or call us on 07526 297973

KIN – exploring the power of language 

Over the past 5 months, we have been exploring with others how Vox Liminis might best use our creative skills right now to affect change in the justice system with and for young people.
We have landed on thinking about language: its power, how it’s used and how it is experienced. What language is understood when young people come into contact with justice processes, and what language isn’t understood? How do young people experience labelling by adults and other young people? How might young people’s perspectives and experiences create opportunities for learning, and create shifts in how language is used.

Many organisations have done work in this area recently, for example Victim Support Scotland’s 2022 Language Guide outlines more appropriate language to use with people affected by crime.
We wonder if our creative expertise might have a particular role to play in opening these conversations up further? Playful but provocative explorations of language, power and labelling through arts-based workshops could serve to stretch further thinking on the importance of language. Perhaps, with young people, we could make creative stimuli that stretch people’s thinking on language, way beyond those involved in justice reform?

If you have ideas, connections and thoughts on how we might develop this (with others!) please get in touch – we would love to hear from you.

If you or someone you know might be interested in joining this project, please contact

DISTANT VOICES – Learning Resources now published

These resources are intended to help learners and teachers in any context — community groups, high schools, colleges and universities — to explore the impacts of state punishment (in particular, imprisonment). More specifically, the project focused on the challenges of reintegration that punishment creates or exacerbates. 

Read or download the resources here