The majority of our funding is tied to certain projects. Whilst this funding is essential for our project work, we can't use it to cover our central running costs, like paying our head of finance, or covering our rent. As such, any additional funds we're able to raise are like gold dust.

The generous support of our donors still has a direct impact on our project work, but it also gives us greater freedom, which is vitally important for an organisation of our size. 

If you are interested in making monthly donations to Vox Liminis, please follow these simple steps:

1. Register with MyDonate as a ‘personal’ user here.

2. Once you have registered and logged in, (donating monthly is only possible after registration), go to our Vox Liminis section of the site here 

Monthly Donation Form

3. Fill in the form that looks like the thumbnail below, selecting ‘regular’ rather than single donation. And then fill out your information in the gift aid section. This process, though mildly complicated, will set up an on-going monthly donation, and will collect Gift Aid on behalf of us – all without charge – which is pretty ace.

Then… it’s all set! 

If you run into any difficulties, please give us a shout at

To make a one off donation, go through exactly the same process, but select ‘single’ rather than ‘regular’ donation in step 3 Alternatively why not consider making a purchase from our online webshop? 

Thank you very much for your support.