Paper Planes

28 Apr 2023


This month’s Paper Plane is the final instalment from the project (for now!) and feels like an appropriately festive ending.  

2 Missed Calls from Vicky is a true Unbound Community effort. It was written by Pat and recorded by community members with assistance from engineers Davey McCauley and Louis Abbott. Davey led a series of workshops about recording at the Vox studio to empower more people within the community to use the space. The sessions were a total hit, as the finished song shows! 


  • ‘2 Missed Call from Vicky’ by Pat  

2 missed calls from Vicky was inspired by notifications on my phone for a website that I stumbled uponand when I met my current partner she noticed they kept appearing on my calendar saying I had ‘two missed calls from Vicky’, I obviously had nobody with that name in my list of contacts, and it was quickly and promptly removed! So the inspiration came from that. My integrity was well intact but if you’re out there somewhere Vicky this song is for you ❤️ ” – Pat 

The ‘Paper Planes’ project was a monthly release showcasing songs written across Vox Liminis projects.  

On the last Friday of every month a selection of new songs created through our sessions, in prisons and communities across Scotland, were released on digital streaming platforms. The project gave writers the platform to share the stories and processes behind the songs. Fourteen songs were released between August 2022 and May 2023.  

To mark the end of the project, we have collated and remastered all 14 Paper Planes. ‘PAPER PLANES: VOLUME 1’ is available digitally and there’ll be a super limited edition run of CDs available at our live shows!  

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