Set up in the winter of 2014, Unbound is a weekly creative space and community meal. Every Tuesday night we come together to eat, make creative work or just hang out and play table tennis. We value hospitality, creativity and community – so you’re sure to get a warm welcome! Unbound is as much about creating a positive community as it is about making things; we’ve seen great friendships emerge between people who wouldn’t normally get the chance to meet.

“Obviously the art and the music are the important thing but the vibe, the community part of it is the reason that the people want to create, and I think you guys have nailed that…” (Unbound Community Member)

Members vary from people who’ve been in prison and prisoners on home-leave to academics, social workers, criminal justice professionals and musicians. At Unbound we leave any labels at the door and just get on with doing what we want to do, whether that’s working as part of a group, catching up over a cup of tea, or scribbling away in a notebook.

From crafting cardboard eagles to producing alternative sound art for radio, what we get up to can be varied too, but mostly we focus on writing and performing songs.

A lot of the work that we do in other projects happens away from the office – at Unbound people can catch up, learn about what we’ve been up to, and apply some of the thinking behind Vox Sessions in a relaxed environment.

If you or someone you know would be interested in joining Unbound, please email: admin@voxliminis.co.uk

Funded in part from the Spirit of Calton – A Fourteen Community. The Fund is administered by Foundation Scotland.

Funders and Partners: