July, August & September

You can see what's coming up across our projects over the next couple of months here...

Since the start of the year there have been some fantastic songwriting sessions in HMP Inverness, HMP Barlinnie & HMP Castle Huntly, as well as community sessions in Inverness and Glasgow as part of the Distant Voices project.

At the beginning of July an Unbound Community Vox session will take place at our Glasgow office, with musicians Lucy Cathcart Froden, Louis Abbott and Emma Pollock.

At the end of July a team of musicians including Donna Maciocia and Claire McKay will be returning to Inverness for another community songwriting session!

Back in March, some of the musicians from In Tune were at Chem19, working on new arrangements and recordings of songs written in In Tune workshops. We look forward to sharing these tracks with you soon. Keep an eye on the website for more updates!

In July the KIN collective will spend a day making art with visual artist, Beth Shapeero, at her studios at House For An Art Lover, Glasgow.

KIN will also be working with Beth on on their September residential weekend to create a new zine!

Together with Thom Scullion, the Kin Collective have designed and developed 'LIMBO', an interactive workshop for schools which explores issues of family imprisonment through a variety of creative exercises and role play.

Over the past few months, KIN Project Lead Rosie has been delivering the LIMBO workshop at schools across Scotland.

“I have learned a lot from this workshop today. I don’t think I ever fully realised that it’s not just the person being sent to prison that’s affected. It’s their family too. Even though I only experienced a tiny fraction of what it is like for those families. I think I understand now.” (S3 Pupil)

If you are interested in booking a LIMBO workshop for your school please contact rosie@voxliminis.co.uk / 07903415037.

We have recently welcomed a number of new people to the collective, and there's still space for me! Are you a young person with experience of family imprisonment? Or do you know someone who is? If you think that you or someone you know might get something out of joining KIN, contact Rosie on rosie@voxliminis.co.uk .

Unbound continues every Tuesday evening from 6- 8.30pm!

Come along and get creative on Tuesday evenings at our space in the Gallowgate.

This year we have had stints from Lucy Cathcart Froden, Claire McKay (Martha Ffion) and Ross Clark (Fiskur) as our Artists-in-Residence. Lots of great work has been made- from songs and poems to radio jingles.

If you or someone you know is interested in getting involved in our community meal and creative space,  just drop an email to admin@voxliminis.co.uk

Forthcoming Events