Vox Liminis explore the role that the arts can play in shaping a more just society.

‘Vox Liminis’ – it’s Latin. It means ‘voice from the threshold’. The threshold isn’t ‘in’ or ‘out’; it’s a powerful in-between space, where voices can speak to each other, and be heard, despite their differences.

As an arts organisation, established in 2013, we equip people with the creative tools to express themselves. Whether it’s through writing songs in prison or making films, or developing apps, we help individuals to explore their experience of criminal justice, and ask them how justice might be reimagined.

What is it like to have your life turned upside down by a prison sentence? What kind of prejudice do you encounter as a young person with a family member in jail? And what good does it do to write a song, or make a film about it?

We help people who might have radically different life experience to engage in creative conversations. People share their insights, and form connections at the ‘thresholds’, turning in-between places into common ground. The ability of the arts to help us find that common ground is crucial to creating a fairer, safer future for Scotland; one that is based on understanding, not ignorance; acceptance, not prejudice.

“Everyone coming together, it’s definitely an eye-opener. Can see everyone is getting a good release from writing and learning about music in general which helps make a stronger community. We all sort of relate to each other through that. It’s all good. It’s definitely something I can take outwith this environment; take it back into… everyday society. If it can be done between 4 walls, it can be done in the wider world” (Vox Session Participant)

Together we make music and art that opens up questions around:

– How people’s lives are affected by the criminal justice system in Scotland
– The ways in which people can make more positive futures for themselves and for their families
– The roles we can all play in building a fairer society

The arts can bring us together, and help us to communicate things that are difficult to say. These creative conversations can change things for the better. Are you in?

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