When a parent is sent to prison, it can be said that ‘the family serves a sentence of their own’. The parent at home may be left to look after the family on their own; they might need to tell the children stories about why mum or dad is now a road trip away. Cut off from their loved ones, the imprisoned parent isn’t able to do the school run, play with their child, or help with the homework – all the little things that bring a family closer together. With In Tune, we create a space within prison where parents can be parents, and children can be children, despite this big disruption to family life.

We try to get the balance right in each session, giving families the space to catch up, but also providing a range of different musical activities they can take ownership of and enjoy together.

“Just doing something that’s a normal thing to us has let us forget about the situation.  Honestly, for these two hours we feel like we could be anywhere just doing the things we’d be doing as a family normally. Thank you so much for proving that normal things can happen in prison.” – Dad


Working with multiple families at the same time, it can get a bit noisy, but it’s always a lot of fun. On any given In Tune session families will sing and play along to well-known songs, write their very own nursery rhymes and do the odd bit of arts and crafts as well.

Our approach helps bring families closer together, where the focus is on what they can make as a group, not where they find themselves. One Dad said;

“This has helped me get properly close to J as well.  Obviously I see him in other visits but I can’t just play with him the way I can here.  At the start I wasn’t keen to get up out my seat, it took me about four weeks before I’d properly stand up and get involved, but when I did I was so angry at myself for not getting fully involved from week one.  But it’s his energy and enthusiasm that’s helped me do that as much as anything else.”

It might seem small on the surface, but In Tune helps those in prison to play a positive role in their young child’s development, supporting families to connect and communicate in new ways, all the while strengthening vital relationships as we make a glorious racket together.

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