Vox People

The Vox Liminis community is made up of people with diverse experience of the criminal justice system. First and foremost we are a community brought together by a willingness to ask the difficult questions, and a desire to explore the power of creativity within this context.   The community of Vox Liminis includes former and serving prisoners (on home leave, or communicating via email-a-prisoner), people on community sentences, their families, artists, academics, and people who work in the criminal justice system.   A small number of the Vox community are in paid employment within the organisation.  We also work with lots of freelance musicians, artists, facilitators and creative practitioners.

Core Team

Artists we work with

Board of Trustees

We are governed by the following Board. To contact the board please email: admin@voxliminis.co.uk

Colleen Souness, Fergus McNeill, Hazel Mehta, Iain Chirnside, Sheona Burrow (Company Secretary)