Vox People

The people of Vox Liminis are diverse; we have a remarkable range of life experience between us. Some of us have been through the criminal justice system. Many of us are passionate about improving it. First and foremost we are a community brought together by a willingness to ask the difficult questions, and a desire to explore the power of creativity within this context.

The community of Vox Liminis includes artists, former prisoners, academics, social workers, prison staff and more. A small number of the Vox community are in paid employment within the organisation.

Core Team

Artists we work with

We are lucky enough to work with a large number of high caliber freelance musicians, artists, producers, facilitators and other creative practitioners. Their hard work and expertise is central to our success. Look below for a list of freelancers who have been involved over the last 18 months. 

Board of Trustees

We are also governed by the following Board. To contact the board please email: admin@voxliminis.co.uk  

Angela Morgan, Sheona Burrow (Company Secretary), Fergus McNeill, Hazel Mehta, Robert Rae