Beyond the Cage

06 Mar 2023

Last week we launched our year theme of ‘BEYOND’

William, writer of the fantastic song ‘Caged Bird‘ (one of August’s Paper Planes) reflects on what Beyond means to him and its relationship to the song:

‘My personal journey beyond prison walls and beyond addiction has led me to believe that we have to go beyond even the label or identity that is ‘beyond prison walls’. Just live life in other words, not live life as someone who has gone beyond prison or addiction. That can be tricky because the aftermath of those continue to affect you either psychologically or physically but we CAN go beyond that. In my own personal journey I’ve gone beyond 25 years of heroin addiction and 30 or so prison sentences and I just live life. Moved to a seaside town and looking out beyond the sea is a pure joy. ‘Beyond’ though can be about anything, getting beyond your own front door can be a challenge for people, getting beyond your fears, limitations, vulnerabilities.’


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