Finding Solas

19 Jul 2022

In June 2022 Unbound made their debut performance at Solas festival in Perth, Scotland. We’d spent months writing songs and poems to perform, and a few frantic weeks rehearsing, as well as thinking about how we’d like to introduce each piece, which stories we’d like to share. The excitement was palpable as we set off on our journey that morning – 12 of us and a pair of congas packed onto a mini bus to meet the others at the festival site. 

Below is a reflection from William about why performing at Solas felt significant…

“Solas was a great experience, everything seemed to fit together perfectly on the day and we filled our one hour set to the tee. Playing and singing my own songs in front of an audience was thrilling and getting a message across maybe at the same time was a bonus. By message I mean that giving people a space to be creative and be around creative people has a liberating effect. Quite a few people stopped and spoke to me afterwards, saying how impressed they were and how they got ‘the message’ too.”

Below are some images by Joe Lafferty which capture some of the joy of that day.

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