A Warm Winter Night at Unbound

29 Nov 2021

Back in Spring, we shared a song called ‘Waiting for the Daylight’.

It was written and released by the Unbound Community over lockdown. The song resonated with lots of people on social media – a spark of hope in a long and lonely winter.

Suddenly, its winter again, but this November, we were finally able to perform the song to a real-life audience at a real-life gig at our space on the Gallowgate!

The gig was a chance to share songs, poems and pizza with our friends, family, and the wider community. The room felt brighter than it has in a long time (and not just because of all the fairy lights we’d put up…)


Since July, Unbound have been creating work on the theme of ‘Spirals’, with input from musician, C Duncan. Such an open-ended theme has inspired songs about everything from ballerinas to desserts. In ‘normal times’, these sharing evenings were a regular part of Unbound. Over the past year we’ve found ways to do them on a smaller scale over Zoom but there’s something special about coming together in person to share music, chat, and welcome new people into our space.

We’re really looking forward to another sharing evening in December where we’ll showcase more new songs. There might even be a few Christmas tunes!

Listen now to our live performance of ‘Waiting for the Daylight’. It captures some of the evening’s joy, warmth and laughter.


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