What is a KIN Weekend Residential?

20 Jan 2020

KIN meet together regularly throughout the year and these meetings normally take the shape of a day meet or a residential. KIN residential weekends take place out of school time, the young people of KIN travel across Scotland to meet together and spend the weekend living with one another. The residential weekends are free for young people to attend and are always joined by a volunteer chef who provides us with delicious home cooked meals all weekend!

To the KIN collective the residential weekends are “where it all happens”. The collaboration between KIN and the artists over this weekend makes for an in depth and rich creative process. KIN enjoy the rural settings for the residential weekends, they offer an opportunity for the group to relax and enjoy the outdoors together. By cohabiting with one another for the weekend the bonds between everyone really strengthen and encourage the collective nature of KIN.

Check out these Glimpse videos of our two residential weekends in 2019. The first was a residential weekend that took place in Dumfries and Galloway with visual artist Beth Shapeero, the second is a team building weekend working with theatre practitioner Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir.


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