Unbound presents Echoes EP

07 Dec 2021

We’re proud to present ‘Echoes’ – a new EP from Unbound (the ongoing community of Vox Liminis.)

Each of the EP tracks were written collaboratively as part of a remote group song writing project over Summer 2021, led by musicians Kris Drever, C Duncan and Jonnie Common The songs were inspired by the theme of ‘Echoes’.

A surprise ‘silver lining’ of lockdown was finding new ways of communicating for those unable to attend Unbound sessions in person. Two of the song writing groups included someone currently in prison, and it was possible for them to meaningfully take part in the process. The groups also used Zoom, Voice Notes and Basecamp to share and discuss ideas.

The three tracks vary in style but share some common lyrical threads, such as nature, electricity and physical elements.   

On opening track House of A Million Echoes, Kris Drever’s rich vocals contrast beautifully with electronic textures and ‘found sounds’ gathered by the group. Echoes serve as a metaphor for monotony and rigmarole (read the same old page, Is it really what I want? 

In Brit-pop inspired Stone Skimmer, Jonnie Common sings of submarines and divers. The lyrics were generated through an elaborate game of Broken Telephone. This group also used found sounds: a dripping tap forms the backbone of the song while Common’s wavy guitars weave in and out.   

Elemental Earth laments melting ice caps and rising oceans. In this song, echoes are the words of past generations, sending a warning to think deeply of the things you do, how it turns out is up to you. Strings and spoken word add a cinematic quality to the track, produced by C Duncan.  

You can listen via all the usual streaming places – click here for more info!


The Unbound Community have also created some brilliant lyric videos to accompany the tracks. The footage was taken on phones and edited by Chris Duncan. Click on the video below to watch the full video playlist.

Echoes EP marks the beginning of more exciting output to come from the Unbound Community and is an expression of solidarity with our members who continue to participate remotely.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think!


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