To the KIN Collective (a letter)…

Amie Robertson / 04 Oct 2018

To the KIN Collective,

I’ve been a member of KIN since January 2016, and am now at the stage of taking a step back from KIN. Now that I’m a fully qualified teacher (woo!) to some energetic primary 1s (ah! ?) I wanna let the next generation of KIN members do their thing and take the reins of this group in the direction they so wish. I want you guys to have the opportunities we had to direct a vision for what you want to say to the world and finally have a platform to express all those unexpressed emotions we’ve all dealt with 

It’s been such a long journey for me going through the motions of my brother’s imprisonment. From just sheer anger, to secrecy and shame, to looking for healing in not so healthy places (not recommended – doesn’t end well ?), then finally acceptance, and growth and what I’m beginning to see as the final stage as happiness. ☀️

I used to feel like if I could just do enough, or be enough, or succeed enough I would override what my brother did, so to speak. That I would justify myself and wouldn’t have to ‘prove’ that I was a good person anymore. Then I could be happy.

KIN has been a huge catalyst in me realising I got it all wrong. No amount of success, of achievement, of perfection is going to make you gain acceptance of yourself. It’s those moments of life you lose the fear of judgement, when you’re shivering in a castle making art for the first time, or blasting out ‘Let it Go’ in the living room full of friends, or putting on mind-expanding, creative performance that makes everyone feel like a total badass on stage. These are the moments we should look for to heal from our experience. The world doesn’t need more successful, perfect people. The world needs more people that feel alive.

That’s what KIN has given me, and I think that’s what it will give to all KIN future generations to come. The chance to take this crazy experience and turn it into another part of your journey in this beautiful life.

I’m keen to still be involved in KIN in different ways. Thinking about maybe doing a wee bit of mentoring for anyone that feels they want someone to talk through the emotions with someone that’s been through them all. I just want everyone to remember that no matter what you’ve gone through in life, you have nothing to prove to the world and most importantly yourself. We are all deserving of an amazing life and that will be where we are able to give the most love to others. The greatest success we can ever have in this life is being happy despite anything the world throws at us. Thank you to KIN for giving me endless happiness. And good luck future KIN members on your journey! I can’t wait to see it all!

Always here for all of you,

Amie xxxx ❤️




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