The Fountain of Youth (Part 2)

20 Dec 2018

The idea of the Fountain of Youth came from a collective discussion about songs written by other artists in prison and we landed on the Fountain of Youth, we wrote what the Fountain of Youth meant to us.

To write these songs, it began with writing a group song to get the creative writing going. After writing a group song and a good nights sleep, we got up ready to start our own pieces. Writing was a difficult thing to do, when you’re writing it’s almost like it was imaginary, like we were writing a story, it didn’t seem like we would have a finished piece that came together so well. Writing our songs was an exciting experience, seeing our words come alive on a page and then adding music to really bring our experiences in to life in a positive way.

FOY Blog 2

Some of the songs ask us not to take life to seriously, some of the songs create a childhood nostalgia, and raise moments of bravery, kindness, joy and peace. We hope people relate to the songs.

As long as they’re listening to it they can do what they want with it, and understand the message and alter there views – understand the impact of family imprisonment but also understand that we are still individuals not defined by one experience. The important thing is that people listen.

FOY blog 1


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