The Fountain of Youth (part 1)

22 Aug 2018

From 14th-16th September, the KIN Collective will travel to Gowankbank in Ayrshire, and embark upon a weekend of songwriting. Remarkably, this is the first song-writing focussed work that KIN have done (although some lovely songs have emerged out of other pieces of work over the years). We’ll work with Donna Maciocia and Martha Ffion, and at a recent day-meet, the collective settled on a theme of the Fountain of Youth for the writing. The group then wrote their initial responses to the theme, which have been collated (read on…) and will be our jumping off point for the songs next month. Watch this space to see what comes out of the process and where these songs go next!



The Fountain of Youth

The fountain of youth has always held an idea that if one drinks from it, they revert back to a younger version of themselves or retain their youth forever. What if the fountain of youth wasn’t a physical object, rather an event in one’s life that forced them to suppress their innocence and vitality temporarily, forcing them to grow up before their time only to revert back when the danger has passed.

The promise. The deception. The unattainable. Contentment. Desire. Never go back; always pushing on. Wisdom is a gift. Age is a gift. Each year is a gift. Why wind them back?

Go back to yesterday when it was all better?

Get your youth back?

A bit of continuity?

For the person in prison, caught in a certain part of your life, losing your youth while being thrown into darkness and an unknown path you need to walk.

The fountain of youth is growing old but not growing up.


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