The Difference We Make

Colleen Souness, on behalf of the Vox Liminis team / 14 Sep 2020

photo credit: Martin

We invite you to learn more about our work in Vox Liminis and the changes we see as a result!

In every project we undertake, we regularly capture reflections from people on the meaning that being a part of our work has for them or their families. And we rarely draw it all together … until now! What initially started out as a quick search through quotes, turned into an opportunity to collate evidence across our four main projects and share some of the voices of people we work with.

‘The Difference We Make’ report provides a useful insight into our work over the 2018/19 year, for people and organisations we work with, and anyone else interested in finding out more.

We all need a bigger connection. The Vox experience is something I’ve never had, to be part of something and to feel respected, heard and understood.” – Vox community member

We believe that our work, along with the collective efforts of others in Scotland, helps contribute towards a fair and just Scotland where people can live fulfilling lives as contributing citizens after punishment.

Very inspiring definitely makes you think about other people’s experiences you wouldn’t normally hear about. – Public gig audience member

We are committed to understanding the ways our work is successful, and areas we can develop further. Making this report has also helped us recognise areas in which we can better evidence what we do, to better reflect the changing nature and breadth of our work.  Stay tuned!

So we invite you to browse this report, learn more on our website or get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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