Satellite (that brings you back to me)

Claire McKay and Rosie Reid / 10 Dec 2020

This strange new era has got us thinking about ‘Satellite’, a song written in a 2019 Distant Voices songwriting Session in HMP Inverness Visitor’s Centre.

It was inspired by virtual visits facilitated by Action For Children, in partnership with SPS, (which were in place in that location long before Covid-19 struck).

For co-writer Tracey C, these visits made a bad situation better:  allowing her to stay in contact with a family member in prison when physical visits weren’t always an option.


“It gives me faith

When I see your face

To know that you’re safe

And not in harm’s way”


2020 has seen virtual visits being used increasingly across Scottish prisons to supplement in-person visits when Covid restrictions allow.

For many, this has been an essential way to stay in contact with family members over the past few months, however there are difficulties: not everyone has access to WiFi, phones or tablets and slots can be inflexible. Not to mention technological glitches…

Families Outside has put together an excellent resource on Virtual Visits, and provided some hints and tips on what you should remember when taking part in virtual visits. Check it out via the link below.


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