You have been signed up to a game you never wanted to play. Your family member is in prison, only you can pass go.

CON(SCRIPTED) is an interactive performance encompassing poetry, soundscape, installation and sensory overload.

As part of the 2018 Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival and Year of Young People, Vox Liminis project KIN wrote, devised and performed CON(SCRIPTED), an hour-long immersive performance rooted in the experience of having a close family member imprisoned. Over 130 people attended, experiencing a diverse range of sounds, words and performances, inspiring thoughts and actions that will make positive change for the tens of thousands of young people affected by family imprisonment each year in Scotland.

KIN is a close-knit arts collective of 14-25 year olds who have all lived through having a parent or sibling in prison. Turning stigma into solidarity, they have developed a distinct artistic voice.


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