20 Jan 2020

LIMBO is an interactive workshop has been designed by artist Thom Scullion  in collaboration with KIN. It explores issues of family imprisonment through a variety of creative exercises and role play. This workshop offers a unique insight into some of the consequences for young people whose parents or siblings are sent to prison.

LIMBO has been delivered to over 400 pupils in secondary schools across Scotland in 2019. As well as engaging secondary school pupils the reach of LIMBO has been more far reaching, we have worked with teachers, youth work professionals, Criminology students and conference delegates from various sectors.

The LIMBO workshop has been used as a catalyst for continuing to widen public discourse. On the 14th June 2019, KIN members Rebecca, Noah and Jack attended the “Our Time To Be Heard!” conference, organised by MyTime and Children Heard and Seen. KIN, alongside other young people from Families Outside, travelled from across Scotland to attend. The conference was child-led and KIN were excited to present their LIMBO workshop and bring their experience of having a close family member in prison to the forefront. Rosie presented a bespoke staff training workshop for YPeople, the LIMBO workshop engaged professionals working with young people affected by crime in some way.

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“I think the workshop was very informative and I learned a lot”

“It was strange, weird and surprisingly fun.”

“It was illuminating, frustrating, and gave us the chance to see how difficult having a relative in prison can be. Truly unforgettable and has made us think deeply about other people and their lives”

“Very good and unique workshop. I had never thought about this experience.”


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