The Art of Bridging

06 Nov 2021

The Art of Bridging is a new podcast series from the Distant Voices project!

Over the last four years, we‘ve been bringing people together to write songs in and around the Scottish criminal justice system. We set out to learn more about what it‘s like to come home after prison, and to try to build bridges through songwriting and creative practice.

In the Art of Bridging, the community of people around Distant Voices – all of whom are connected to the criminal justice system in different ways – share some of what we‘ve made and learned along the way. Whether you‘re a music-lover, a community organiser or a system changer, we hope you‘ll enjoy this mix of thought-provoking conversations and compelling, challenging and beautiful tunes.

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In Episode 2, Lucy is joined by Martin, Louis and Phil from the Distant Voices community, to chat about what happens in a Vox songwriting session, and about how songs might hold potential to work as ‘problem-solving devices’. We’ll hear tracks that express complex themes of protest, solidarity, survival and care, featuring co-writers Emma, Ashley, Louis Abbott (Admiral Fallow), Phil Crockett Thomas, Martin, Ross Clark (Fiskur), Tracey and Claire McKay (Martha Ffion). We’ll also be joined by guest listeners Martin and Pauline, to reflect on an exclusive song from the Distant Voices archive. As we continue our exploration of the Art of Bridging, this episode considers whether songs and the stories they tell can function as stepping stones that might aid the journey of re-entry.


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