Painted Visual Argument

25 Aug 2021

We’re excited to unveil a new visual piece created by Unbound with artist Richie Cummings, made as part of Inspiring Scotland’s Creative Communities programme. 

Unbound is the ongoing creativity community of Vox Liminis.  Our creative focus is primarily music-making however, together we have explored various other art forms such as poetry, creative writing and sound art. As a community, we strive to effect positive change within the Criminal Justice System and to spark deeper public conversations around these issues.

Over lockdown, as we began to meet up via a less ‘hosted’ or ‘facilitated’ online platforms, we found that questions of power and differences came to the fore – things like class, critical thinking, gender, politics, whose artwork gets recognised and in what ways  

With seed funding from Inspiring Scotland’s Creative Communities programme, we worked with visual artist, Richie Cummings to undertake a creative exploration of these questions of power.  

We spent two days together at our space in Glasgow’s East End, having conversations about a range of topics – from the political to the mundane – and expressing our thoughts and feelings visually, using lots of different techniques (paint, collage, sculpture).  

We worked collaboratively on one large canvas, adding multiple layers, and giving each other permission to take away or alter things we didn’t like.  

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The final design emerged through group conversation and compromise but all the original layers still remain underneath. We see it as an ongoing project that might continue to change (the Glasgow weather might also decide to make some changes to it…)

We’d love to hear what you think about it!  



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