Noticing, from a distance

06 Aug 2020

Unbound (the on-going community of Vox Liminis) moved online in the middle of March due to Covid-19. Zoom meetings and Basecamp threads didn’t seem to be the natural habitat for a community that normally gathers to eat, make, share and learn together weekly.

However, the social connections and on-going solidarity of Unbound has found new manifestations in online form. Conversations, connections and creative challenges carry on throughout the week. Relating online seems to have allowed disruptions in power dynamics as we have come together in a less-hosted space during a time of collective adversity. There’s much more to say about all that we’ve been learning together in this strange period. (And clearly, we’re all desperate to get back together face-to-face in a room!) But for now, let me introduce a piece that we’ve worked on together – Noticing, from a distance

How did this come about? Someone suggested that we write a blog post to communicate that we were still alive and kicking as a community… someone else suggested that we write a pantoum together as the blog post (a poem structure that most of us have worked in before)… a couple of people wrote creative provocations for us all to respond to… many of Unbound (over a few days) jotted down some lines on a basecamp thread… someone wove them together… a few people suggested edits… someone suggested, and then made, music to sit behind the words… someone else organised us all to record the verses on our phones… someone edited them together… someone else did the final production work and mastered it…

So in the process, and in the track, here’s a reflection on lockdown from us!

Alison, Colleen, Evangelia, Fergus, Hannah, Iain, Judit, Lisa, Louis, Martin, Pat, Phil, Richard, Rosie & Sandy


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