The KIN Manifesto
The KIN manifesto was originally published in The Thing, in the lead up to Breaking Ground. It is the collective’s calling card, a statement of intent:    We are KIN. We know there is a stigma about family imprisonment in our society. We believe a sentence goes beyond prison walls, the issue of young people affected by family imprisonment is not broadly recognised or given enough support. This often isolating experience was a part of our lives. This is why we are here.   Our vision is of a future where those affected by family imprisonment are not defined by their experience but use it as a foundation for positive change. We want a future were the topic of family imprisonment is not silenced. We are young people with a shared experience in this issue, we use this experience to produce art that reflects our true collective identity.   KIN is an arts collective who ignite discussion and we invite others to contribute to the conversation. KIN is a voice. KIN is evolving. KIN is a call that demands a response.


Our work is all about dialogues. If you would like to submit a creative response, please leave a comment below.