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01 Aug 2022

Distant Voices aims to spark creative conversations about crime, punishment and reintegration. We would like this website to be both a resource for and place for dialogue. So, we’ve packed it full of free, open access material; which we very much want you to use and enjoy! All that we ask is that you don’t seek to exploit this work commercially, and that you use it with respect for those who made it; some of whom have chosen to share quite personal stories.

We’d also love to know how you respond to the material. For that reason, on many of the pages, there is a ‘SUBMIT’ button where you can provide a response. We’re also curious about how and by whom these resources are used, so please do email us and let us know, c/o

Whether you’re dipping into this material just out of your own curiosity, or whether you’re planning a class in school, college or uni, or an event in a youth or community project, there is plenty of material to explore. Here’s a brief guide to what you’ll find…

Along the top bar, under the Distant Voices logo, there is a series of links:

About: As the name suggests, this is just a brief summary of what the project is all about. If you click on ‘Read More’ you’ll find a slightly more detailed explanation.

Media: This is where you’ll find most of the good stuff. Clicking the Media link takes you to the Media homepage which includes (again at the top) another bar which provides links to different types of media:

Playlists: Here, you’ll find playlists of songs from the project that we have grouped together because they explore similar themes, like ‘family’ or ‘love and loss’. There’s a ‘LOAD MORE’ button at the bottom of the page, so keep exploring!

Music: Here, you’ll find lots of individual songs, in audio or video format. Some are rough demos, some are more polished productions. Again, there’s a ‘LOAD MORE’ button at the bottom of the page.

Podcasts: Here, you’ll find a range of different podcasts. Some of these explore the making of or thinking behind certain songs, some reflect on particular song-writing workshops, and there is also the ‘Our Chance of Becoming Human’ series, by our very own Lucy Cathcart Frödén.

Writing: Here, you’ll find a range of different pieces of writing from the project. Some of these are reflections on particular events, some are fictional, some are poetic, and some are more academic papers we’ve written about what we’re learning from Distant Voices.

Film: Here, you’ll find films from the project, including specially commissioned artwork like ‘Heroes’ by Dylan Moore and Leyla Josephine (which explores masculinities, gender and justice), short films discussing songs or capturing events, live performances and media coverage of the project.

Coming Up: As you’d expect this is where we feature forthcoming events.

Blog: Here you’ll find a range of shorter and less formal pieces of writing by members of the Distant Voices team. Some of these explore specific issues and some discuss particular songs or events.

Team: Here, you can find out a bit more about some of the people involved in the project as researchers, practitioners and artists.


Enjoy, and do get in touch!



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