Amplify Project – Phase 2 begins!

16 Nov 2021

From Spring 2021 into early Summer, Edinburgh International Festival and Vox Liminis worked with Goodtrees Neighbourhood Centre to bring a songwriting project to a group of young people who had helped support their local community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the 10 sessions, the group worked closely with musicians Kim Edgar, Louise McCraw and Nova to collaboratively write songs and record demos.

“I was impressed with myself because I thought I would be worse at it. I can write songs and rhymes.” – Max

This month Phase 2 begins! And it’s all about getting ready to hit the recording studio. The groups have been practicing performing their songs for each other. For some young people, this is the first time they have performed in front of anyone else. 

Nova has been leading the group in fun vocal warm-up exercises and teaching them about the importance of ‘flow’ in rap music.

We’re really excited to hear the finished songs!


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