Supervision: Seen And Heard

On 18th and 19th February 2016 we ran a Vox Session in Glasgow in The Old Hairdressers with a group of 18 people, half who had experience of being under supervision in the community, a social worker who delivers community supervision, a couple of criminologists, a visual artist, a radio producer and 3 musicians – Louis Abbott, Tim Davidson & Rollo Strickland.

Starting with the stimulus of 12 photographs taken by people exploring what supervision means, we wrote and recorded demos of 12 songs. The project is part of the Offender Supervision in Europe COST Action (this additional project funded by an IAA ESRC grant from the University of Glasgow) and some of the songs written are today being performed at the Offender Supervision in Europe conference in Brussels.

It’s pretty amazing to see and hear what can be made, in music and in community, by such a diverse group of people in two days! Enjoy the demos above.

Richard Bull made a brilliant short audio documentary during the project. It’s best told in the voices of all involved:


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