unspecifiedI went to prison for something that I simply did not do. The effect was devastating, crushing and deeply depressing. I am sure most others, including those who have acknowledged their guilt, felt exactly the same at having their freedom taken away.

When you eventually wake up from the initial shock of being locked up behind a steel door, your long days are filled with thoughts about the negative aspects of your life ahead, how it will never be the same as before and not for the better in any way. Small things, both good and bad, are magnified enormously as you yearn for some gradual lift in your fortune, only to be kicked in the stomach with every downward turn. Self-doubt and low esteem hang in the stale air, urging you to breathe them in.

But then you can turn the smallest of corners, perhaps humbled by the kindness of someone who will be there for much longer than you will be and who maybe just needs a chance to turn a corner himself, or inspired by the prison officer who, behind his customary mask of disinterest, does get ‘it’ and really, really wants to help you.

And then your life can be steered down a path which you never thought possible when you reluctantly join a project which you think will be just another worthless prison activity and it turns out to be something else altogether.

Prison is a brutal place. It is a test of every ounce of strength that you ever thought you had….and more. But, in the right circumstances, it may just be the door to a new life.

I was given the chance to walk through that door.

Vox Liminis are now a big part of my life.

I met them in prison.

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