Covid-19 Update

31 Mar 2020

The unfolding COVID-19 situation has, we’re sure, been dominating your days the way it has ours. It’s fair to say we did not predict how this disease would have an impact on all areas of our lives. We’re thinking of the myriad ways in which people have been affected by this disease – directly and indirectly; professionally and personally. It really does feel like a moment in history, and it’s often hard to process everything that might mean once we’re on the other side of this.

Here at Vox Liminis we are feeling the effects as well, as we are unable to deliver much of the work we had planned, or carry out any new projects until things change. So we have pulled back to operational essentials, with the Unbound community continuing to gather virtually, while we work to adapt all that we can into new ways of working.

We have taken this decision to ensure that we are able, on the other side, to play our part in building a society which responds to crime by helping those involved to find ways to recover, repair and thrive together in the communities to which they belong.

Thank you for your continued support of all that we do in Vox Liminis – please stick with us in this time, and we’ll get back up to full speed as soon as we possibly can.


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