Distant Voices: Glasgow Album Launch!

St Lukes, Glasgow / 25 May 2018 07:00 pm

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The Distant Voices project invites you to the launch of a truly remarkable album. ‘Not Known at this Address‘ brings together some of Scotland’s most celebrated songwriters with people who have first-hand experience of the criminal justice system. This will be the project’s first professional release since since the success of 2015’s Silent Seconds EP

Co-writers on the album include prisoners, prison staff, researchers and social workers. They’ve teamed up with the likes of Kris DreverC Duncan and Emma Pollock to create a unique, and uniquely human, portrait of criminal justice in Scotland. 

Join the project’s Creative Lead Louis Abbott (Admiral Fallow) and a number of special guests as we perform ‘Not Known at This Address’ alongside other songs from the Distant Voices project. 

Musicians on the album include: C Duncan, Kris Drever, Emma PollockRachel Sermanni, Admiral FallowBdy_PrtsPronto Mama Fiskur and Donna Maciocia

‘Listen to these songs, not because it’s such a worthwhile project, though it is, but because you’ll love them’ – Ricky Ross BBC Radio Scotland. 

If you’d like to come, but can’t afford a ticket, some free tickets are available. Contact admin@voxliminis.co.uk for more info. Ticket link at the top of this page, or HERE. 

Over the course of recording the album we’ve also worked hard to track down each of the co-writers behind the songs. From the rehearsal room to the studio the co-writers have had an input into the arrangement and artistic direction of their songs. We’re also working on new artistic collaborations with the co-writers based around their song. Over the next few months we will be documenting this process and sharing what people come out with – keep an eye on the website for more. We’re also hoping that many of the co-writers will be able to join us on the night to see their songs performed by a full professional band.

This event will be day 2 of ‘Vox Liminis Presents’, a two day mini festival run in partnership with Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival.