Distant Voices at Hidden Door Festival

Leith Theatre / 29 May 2018 07:00 pm

Distant Voices: Not Known at This Address – with C Duncan, Admiral Fallow Trio and Emma Pollock.

Vox Liminis are proud to present the launch of a truly remarkable album. The Distant Voices project brings together some of Scotland’s most acclaimed songwriters with people who have first hand experience of the criminal justice system.  Co-writers on the album include prisoners, prison staff, researchers and social workers. Through these diverse collaborations, Not Known at This Address offers a unique, and uniquely human, portrait of criminal justice in Scotland.  An impressive roster of artists have contributed to Distant Voices over the last two years.

The album features the talents of Kris Drever, C Duncan, Admiral Fallow, Emma Pollock, Rachel Sermanni, Pronto Mama, Bdy_Prts, Fiskur and Donna Maciocia. Originally recorded in prisons and community settings, as part of a number of songwriting workshops, each of the tracks has been re-recorded at Glasgow’s legendary Chem19 Studios, in collaboration with the co-writers.

For the Hidden Door show, we’re delighted that Admiral Fallow (Trio), C Duncan and Emma Pollock will perform their own sets, before re-joining the house band to play Not Known At This Address in full. In a system that often thinks about things – and people – in black and white terms, Distant Voices attempts to add colour and humanity back into the discussion.