UNBOUND: Where the Wild Things Are

For those of you who don’t know, UNBOUND is our Tuesday night creative community, made up of people who we’ve worked with either inside or outside of prison, from a range of different backgrounds, or folks from the local area who are just curious about what we do. Every week we get together, share a meal and then make some art or music. Or just play table tennis!

Now that we’re happily settled into our new home in the Barras, we thought we’d share a few photos and a song with you, to give you a sense of what we’ve been up to over the last few weeks! jumping off from the theme of ‘Wild Lives’, we’ve worked together to make some inspiring new things.

Sandy cooking up a storm!

‘Island of Dreams’ was a collaboration between Graeme Strachan, Fergus McNeill, Heather Irvine and Hannah Graham.

Of the writing process, Fergus said:

‘Graeme wrote all the words: I just helped shape the metre to work with the tune. In terms of the music, we talked about a few styles and Graeme settled on folk — hence the DADGAD tuning — not quite sure where the tune came from, except that it was inspired by the determination and dignity represented in the words, which gives it the slightly anthemic feel (I think). Initially, we worked on the tune together — and once I had worked it up a bit — we asked the others for help with the arrangement.

Listen in below:


Unbound has often been a space for making art and other bits and pieces as well as music. Recently, we teamed up with Charlotte Duffy from the wonderful ‘Waste of Paint’ productions.

Equipped with cardboard, glue guns and a fresh sense of what is possible with Amazon packaging, we created a world stuffed full of trees, eagles, highland cows and guitars. If you’re in the neighbourhood, pop in and see them for yourself!

We’re dead chuffed about how Unbound fits so well in our new home, and we’re excited about the opportunities for development that exist there – a huge thank you again to those of you who helped make the move happen through the Open Doors campaign. Watch this space for more updates over the next few months. . . .