unspecified-1This was my second Vox Workshop. In this session I was reminded of the capacity for songwriting as a tool to bring a sense of liberation, joy and confidence. Sometimes, because it is what I do all the time, I forget.

I got to witness each man, through the creative process, exploring and reflecting upon his own life and his own mind: family, habits, memories, expectations for the future…There was one man who felt so crushed by the weight of people’s perceptions of him when he is still so unsure, himself, of who he is and how he will fit into society. Another pined for his family but feared for the fact that so much will have changed and developed since his incarceration. Another man lamented the simple struggle of trying to succeed as a musician, which is certainly something I can resonate with; I had a great time helping him write it. This sort of thing really helps me create my own stuff. I get a new perspective. I start hatching ideas. But the human connection aspect of this is my favourite thing. Being able to possibly help someone look at their life in a deep yet neutral way is really fulfilling.

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