img_3808It’s the 3rd of December, and today is actually my birthday.  It’s the last year of my twenties and has been an important year for many other reasons too. This is the year I got released from prison to start life properly.  Last year I met Vox Liminis while at Castle Huntly when they came in to do a session.  I’d never done song writing before but was keen to see what it was all about so went along.  I wrote my first song with Donna (‘A Thousand Things’) about things I’ve never been able to say to people.  Since then I’ve written another two songs with Vox!  I kept the relationship going while still in prison and since coming out have regularly went along to Unbound on Tuesday nights and thrown myself into it.  Being able to mix with loads of people and getting a bit of banter is great!  Then we maybe have a conversation about a subject and start building a song around it or whatever we’re working on, it’s great to share opinions and be supported by so many people.  I hope my relationship with Vox gets even better over the coming months and look forward to getting involved even more!

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