kirsty-photoI have chosen this door as a fond memory I have of my dad – I used to believe in fairies when I was a little girl and he allowed this magical belief and thus my imagination to come to life in many ways. I can’t wait to share this experience with my own children. This ties in perfectly with the work that In Tune have been doing at Polmont (creating lasting memories for children and their dads)

I have worked with Vox Liminis three times now at Polmont, this involved working with young fathers to write songs for their children – composing, performing and recording these to give as a gift. The dads learned song writing skills and new ways to communicate with their families. Family music sessions were then run after the songwriting project, teaching the new songs as well as playing familiar songs with their children. Families had the opportunity to bond, connect, develop relationships and create positive memories, using new ways of communicating, with their confidence growing throughout the workshops.

All three workshops have been the young dads’ first experiences of taking part in a song writing group. Initially they were wary (a lot of this was to do having no skills in the area – or so they thought – and the culture/age and stage of our population and associated bravado), but they were surprised and proud to complete the task of writing a song with ease. They fully embraced the idea of taking part in the group and were enthusiastic throughout.

The project was a fantastic way to enable the dads to show soft and sincere emotion and express their very personal experiences about being a dad, which they can sometimes find difficult. Although the young men in our care have made bad choices/decisions in their lives, and suffer from many factors which have led to offending (such as mental health problems, homelessness, addiction, abuse, trauma, learning difficulties), they still love and care for and want the best for their children, and we support them to be part of their children’s lives in the best ways they can.

I loved every part of the group, it was very emotional to be part of, I am very proud of the young dads’ achievements. I play the CDs whenever I can to share the positive work that In Tune has done with the Polmont dads. I hope we run many more workshops here at Polmont to enable future dads to make such a special, original gift for their child to treasure forever.

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