Kev Snr & Kev Jnr

kevsKev Snr was a participant on our first ‘outside’ Vox Session, held at The Briggait in summer 2015. Through Kev Snr we met Kev Jnr who is a member of KIN. They share a love of music, and have both connected with Vox in different ways. It’s been really amazing for Vox to engage with families like this. Here’s a piece they’ve written together for this campaign:


Inside Out 

Laying inside this prison wall, I need to make a call to my boy.

This place is incredible! So much to see, so much to do! The laughter and noise is heartwarming!


As he starts his Secondary School, I am on a prison rule.

The sun is shining and all my friends are here, what a wonderful day this is going to be.


I need to get this call to my boy, I don’t feel like a father at all.

I can’t wait to get home and tell my Mum and Dad about the days events! Wow, this burger is great!


How will he feel? What will he think? His super hero locked in the clink.

The sun is going down. It’ll be time to go home soon. that my phone? Who could that be?


As each full moon passes behind this wall, all I can do is think of my boy.

“His battalion’s doing well!” I’ll tell them. They can’t know the reality. I will walk this wall alone.


Thirty-six moons have come and passed, I’m in his kitchen, waiting to grasp.

“Mum, I’m home! Where are you? Is there someone else here?”

Hiya Son…

Hiya Dad…

It’s good to be Outside In…

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