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KIN BG-5Distant Voices is recruiting a Project Coordinator and a Research Associate to be employed by University of Glasgow and rooted within the wider Vox Liminis team (for the Research Associate, time will be split between SCCJR and Vox Liminis).

The ‘Distant Voices – Coming Home’ project is a 3-year collaborative action research project drawing on the disciplines of criminology, popular music, politics and community development. It combines creative practices (principally song writing and sharing), research and knowledge exchange to enable dialogue and learning about re/integration. Turning conventional understandings of ‘offender rehabilitation’ on their head, Distant Voices is concerned not with ‘correcting offenders’ but rather with exploring and changing how they are received when ‘coming home’ after punishment.

You will join an established team that is working in and around the criminal justice sector to spark positive change by creating spaces for all affected by criminal justice to make creative work together in order to think, communicate, relate and imagine in new ways.

This project will be led by Fergus McNeill (Professor of Criminology & Social Work, University of Glasgow), Alison Urie (Director, Vox Liminis), Jo Collinson Scott (Lecturer in Commercial Music at the University of the West of Scotland) and Oliver Escobar (Lecturer in Public Policy at the University of Edinburgh).

We are already running monthly Vox Sessions (song-writing projects) across Scottish prisons and community justice settings and hosting regular public events, in partnership (financially and practically) with Scottish Prison Service, Glasgow Community Justice Authority and Creative Scotland.

Now funding from the Economic and Social Research Council and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (Grant Ref. ES/P002536/1) allows us to develop the work as a pioneering research project. We aim to bring together (and challenge the boundaries between) creative practice, research and knowledge exchange, working with a widening academic team encompassing musicology and public politics as well as criminology, and are recruiting two new team members at this exciting juncture.

Both positions are detailed on the University of Glasgow job search site by entering keywords ‘distant voices’

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Distant Voices Project Coordinator

Distant Voices Research Associate

More information on Distant Voices is to be found in the Distant Voices Information Pack (download below):