Rock ‘n’ Parole

The name game. Life, and that of many of my friends, has been pre-occupied by the name game for the last few weeks. There’s just too many puns to be found when thinking of names for an organisation doing creative work, especially music, in the justice system.

Bars in their Eyes…Unchained Melody… Porridge Notes… Lifted… Stars Behind Bars… Rock ‘n’ Parole…

I also had a friend jokingly (I think) suggest trying to get a .con domain name ! aye.

It would have been good to have a name that related to a significant story. The first time I went into Cornton Vale and was discussing songs the girls would like to sing in the choir, one girl told me that ‘we should sing Marley’s ‘Redemption Song’, because that’s what we need in here’. Wow. If I didn’t fear potential partners’ concerns about a name that might sound off-puttingly religious, that would have won.

Instead, the sorting hat has decided upon a slightly more obscure name. Vox Liminis. The voice from the in-between place/ the margins / the threshold. It captures the vision of the new venture – creating space for people to have a voice, both in discovering their creative voice, and in sharing their perspectives and experiences in a way that can inform and hopefully shape wider public thinking.

Prison is an in-between place. A place outside mainstream society. It is a place where one without keys has to stop at every door, and wait for someone else to allow them the rite of passage. But it can for some be a threshold of hope. The plan for Vox Liminis is to develop increased creative practice within the justice system, and create space for people to re-imagine the future.

I’m going to be blogging the process of Vox Liminis’ development over the next few months from this site, so please get involved in the journey!

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