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img_1587“A song-writing course in a prison? What is that all about” I asked as I was being persuaded to go along to make up the numbers. Hey ho, I thought. In for a penny….

Fast forward a couple of years and the song that I co-wrote with the brilliant Louis Abbott and Richy Carey has not only been recorded on a professional quality CD, but has been played on national radio a number of times.

The session at Castle Huntly, which lasted for two days, was run by three great people – Louis, Richy, and Kim Long and it pretty well ‘took me out of prison’ for that time. It was the best two days of activity that I did inside and I know that all the other guys there felt the same. OK, people go to prison as a punishment but the more you can do to connect with them and help them prepare for going back outside to live a good life, the better. The Vox Session hit the mark on that front.

I started with the idea of writing a song for Laura, my partner, to be played at our wedding and that moulded into Breathe Life over the two days. All the guys’ songs were recorded on the second day and brought back to us on a CD a few weeks later. It was great to take that home to Laura.

Then, about a year later, my song was recorded by the Vox musicians on the Distant Voices CD and was played at the DV gig at the CCA in Glasgow. I was privileged to attend the gig with my parents and, of course, Laura.

The work that Vox Liminis do is just fantastic.

Breathe Life was for Laura. But writing it also helped breathe life into me.

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