Gordon Mc

The first song I ever wrote was at the age of 50, in a Vox Session. I didn’t know what to write about, I didn’t know where to start to be honest.

For some reason I chose to write about a bereavement my family had experienced many years before. I’d always struggled to make sense of this loss, and the emotions it stirred up  for me (sadness, confusion, guilt) weren’t always easy to deal with.

Previously I’d tried to  manage my grief by writing (prose, poetry, keeping a journal -anything really that might help me make sense of things), but whatever I wrote was never quite right….I only felt more and more frustrated at my inability to express myself. Then, In August 2015, during a Vox Unbound workshop in Glasgow. I wrote a song called ‘My Turn To Fly’.

In this song I allowed myself to reflect on the day my wife and I scattered our son’s ashes on a beach in Wester Ross on a cold winters morning in 2004.

When I heard my song played back to me, something shifted inside me and I felt ‘lighter’.  I felt a contentment I never thought possible (thank you Louis). Vox Unbound gave me a voice I never knew I had. Vox has nurtured, encouraged and supported me to express thoughts and emotions I’d struggled to articulate for many years.

I don’t attend Vox  Unbound sessions on a Tuesday evening  just because I happen to be a criminal justice social worker. I attend Unbound every week because it’s good for my soul.

This is why I will always be in debt to Vox.

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