Reflections Of A Female Prisoner

dv2-june-15-s-butler-12Some heartfelt thoughts from a (very) recent Vox Sessions participant…

“Sometimes I’m not so good at vocalising things so I wrote something down that I wanted to read to you all.  Last night, I was thinking about how it’s important to me when people take the time and make an effort to spend time helping other people.  I’ve looked back and in the past when opportunities have been offered to me I haven’t taken the time to at least try and express my gratitude and appreciation.  But I was trying to write you all a letter that sort of says thank you but I couldn’t really get it out last night and then at lunchtime there I got some words down.

So, I’ve been wondering a lot recently, and in particular the past few days, why it’s important for individuals to touch another person’s life… is it to pass something on, to leave a legacy, an imprint, a history, or a memory.  What motivates people?  Why are people so important to other people?  Is it just a human condition, a need… because people can help other people to pull things out of each other and help them discover, or rediscover, and reignite things that were there all along but that were deeply suppressed and buried.

I’m not sure what, or if there any answers to these questions… maybe it just is as it is but I know it feels absolutely fantastic.  When you make a memory, however small or insignificant the experience may seem to other people, that amazing memory will live with you forever.  And that’s what this felt like for me.

I’ve been deeply touched by all of you in some way over the last few days. When you’re not consumed by substances you can realise a life beyond your wildest dreams and in the most unlikely of places, like in prison when you’re stripped back and laid bare, as my song says, when paths cross for whatever reason, you can find true contentment and happiness where dreams are limitless.  Thank you so much for opening my mind.”


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