Everyone Falls… Everything Happens for a Reason

We’ve now run two Vox Sessions songwriting projects, one in Cornton Vale and one in Low Moss, both of which have been really magic in their own ways.

The Vox Sessions are a series of ambitious 3 day workshops with professional musicians. The musicians introducing the craft of songwriting by performing a gig of their own work on day one, and work with a group of people in prison to write and make rough recordings of their own songs over the following two days.

In the Cornton Vale project we worked with Davie Scott (The Pearlfishers) and Kim Edgar (The Burns Unit and Cara), and in Low Moss we worked with Richy Carry and Ben Harrison (Bear Bones) and Lucy and Martin Cathcart Froden (Tall Tales) along with our own staff and the Learning Centre music tutor.

Here’s a song, written by the women in the Cornton Vale Vox Session, which brightens the day:


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