The imprisonment of a parent or family member can be something akin to a fire. Most susceptible to the flames are the soft, comfortable trappings of childhood – from which rises a smoke that stings the eyes and muddles the mind. On the outside I may look the same, but on the inside – older. A maturity necessary to cope with this trauma is thrust upon you; a tangible separation from the innocence of others. And what do you do with this isolation, and the remnants of your home? You build. This reconstruction will never be perfect, and it will take time, but you have the power to define something new.  On the outside I may look the same, but on the inside – stronger. With this strength you determine who you want to be, and how. Where others see only damage, you stand resilient, informed, and ready for change. I recognise this positivity in everyone I have worked with as part of KIN. We demand that every young person dealing with familial imprisonment be given an equal platform to define exactly who they are. This is our message. This is our purpose. This is our passion. It is something akin to a fire.

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