Double Break

I wonder that in getting a new venture established, there’s perhaps a two stage process of buy-in from other bodies?

The early days of Hot Chocolate Trust involved folks in The Steeple getting behind me and others, creating the time and space required to get the community youth work started. The second stage of this was 6 months later, when Dundee City Council youth worker staff encouraged us to apply for a SIP grant to develop a summer programme – £5000 of council belief and investment set the whole thing on a different footing. Conversations with other potential partners were immediately more positive. Our practice had validity.

Now the growth process in Hot Chocolate’s early days was in no way planned, while Vox Liminis has been much more so. But again there seems to be two stages.

IRISS and folks form SCCJR (Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research) have got behind me, creating time, space and resources (they’ve created some finance, and I have a temporary desk in a city centre office… along with a whole lot more) to let me get on with creating what is now called Vox Liminis. But I hadn’t realised just how important the ‘second break’ would be – getting the first project agreed. I hadn’t anticipated the massive relief that would bring!

I’ll share more about Vox Liminis’ first project in a later post, but it’s in Barlinnie, planned and agreed with the Governor. Now conversations with others can take a different tone.

This isn’t just a nice idea, it’s something that people are willing to support and partner with in practice.

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