colleenpicThe door you’ve entered through is Partick Station. I arrived in Glasgow through these doors.

I walked along Dumbarton Road to a friend of a friend’s ‘empty’. I didn’t know anyone. I had no reputation. No one had a reason to trust or need me. I knew that for me to stay here I would need friends. And if I had to resort to making Glaswegians draw straws for the role, so be it!

I don’t think I could do it again. While I loved the adventure of arriving unknown to a city, there were dark months. I learned that a large part of my identity and ‘feeling human’ is drawn from the relationships I have with others.

Now three years on, I feel very much that I belong to Glasgow.

I am involved in Vox Unbound on Tuesday nights. It’s a gathering of people who have connections with the criminal justice system. What I love are the conversations that open up around food and music. More often than not, these highlight our shared human experiences across very different situations.

I wrote ‘Partick Station’ with Andrew Howie at Unbound in response to a conversation about ‘place’. The song is an ‘ode of gratitude’ for people in Glasgow who welcome others into new places.

Click to hear wee practice studio version of it!

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