“One day you’ll wake up with nothing to prove”

I am 13.
I slam my fists into the icy ground until my knuckles bleed
As if I can smash this shell of existence I am living
and step out
the girl
I used to be
before the world
turned on me.
I vow that no one will ever see me as a bad person ever again
No one will ever look at me and see my family’s shame
No one will ever
But No one will ever
I will never be good enough
To redeem myself from what you did
I am nearly 23.
But since 13 I’ve not known what it feels like
to be seen
and not spend life proving
that you’re good enough to exist.
I guess that’s the point of all this.
This music
this art
this writing
in the hope
That another little girl won’t feel like she can’t cope
Because her brother went to prison.
That I could tell her
About forgiveness and of strength and of being bloody brave
That all of this will soon teach you so don’t you ever dare to think
You need to save
Your own goodness.
That light inside you
Will not fade.

So shine.

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