img_3907I distinctly remember once being challenged by a wise friend that I couldn’t ‘sit on the doorstep forever’, that I needed to be in or out. In that situation he was right to push me – the tension of being on that threshold was untenable.

But I wonder if sitting in that doorway taught me more than I could have known at the time. Now, I seem most at home in the in-between lands, finding ways to connect, translate and forge new forms of communication between different (on the surface anyway) people, groups and organisations.

The liminal space in which Vox sits feels anything but untenable.

People just seem to want to connect, to communicate in fresh ways, to make things together – new and beautiful things. And to lead and support this, I only need to hold the space and join the dots.

Sure, the holding is at times really hard. But the life I get from being able to participate in such creativity, the learning that is non-stop, and the insights and challenge that every new connection brings, all of these things are more fulfilling than anything I could have imagined.

To be one of these ‘voices from the threshold’ (Vox Liminis) feels like coming home.

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(illustration below by Gabi Froden, from Distant Voices project)


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