Open Doors

Vox Liminis is entering a new and dynamic phimg_3824ase in what we’re building together. Join us!

As a bridge-building organisation, we work with people during and after imprisonment, prison officers, practitioners, families, criminologists, musicians and artists to help reshape criminal justice in Scotland. Having established positive relationships with many different institutions and organisations across the country, we now find that demand for what we do outstrips our organisational capacity to do it!

Over the last 3 years we’ve helped fathers behind bars to reconnect with their kids; invited people in prison to write and record with some of Scotland’s most inspiring musicians, and helped people who work in one of society’s most misunderstood sectors to find their voices, on radio and onstage.

In the run-up to Christmas we’ll be introducing you to some of the many faces and stories that have weaved the patchwork of our story. Click the door each day to cross the threshold with us into this new chapter. We invite you to click the ‘Donate’ button and open the doors wider.

With the money we raise together, we’re going to open a new Vox base (with our own front door!). Establishing & maintaining relationships is fundamentally important to us; we’re building a community for change that doesn’t disappear at the end of a workshop or recording session, and that needs a place to call ‘home’ – one that is visible and easy to access.

To recognise all of you joining with us in this, the names of all donors will be incorporated into a new piece of art in our new home.

In the spirit of crowd-funding, you won’t go unrewarded if you contribute to the campaign. As we near our target of £15,000, collectively we will unlock different levels of reward!

Level 1:             Once we pass £1,000 we’ll send all donors a previously unreleased Vox song

Level 2:             At £5000 we’ll gather together some of our Vox musicians and invite you to witness a live-stream of an office gig!

Level 3:             Once we’ve got £10,000 committed, we’ll have a party! And everyone who has contributed will be invited.

Boss Level:        If we reach our target of £15,000, all donors will receive a super-secret (for now) and exclusive gift from us.

Your donation to Open Doors will be the one that takes us all one step closer to home; one step closer to opening the door (literally and figuratively) from which will emerge the next exciting period of Vox Liminis.

About Us


Vox Liminis is playing a significant role in the rehabilitation of the criminal justice system in Scotland, by creating spaces where differently situated people communicate and connect in new ways through the arts, and can imagine a more positive and human future together.

  • Distant Voices involves songwriting with prisoners, former prisoners, criminal justice practitioners (prison officers and social workers) and academics in workshops called The Vox Sessions – the songs are then shared widely
  • KIN is a project designed in partnership with Families Outside, working initially with 10 young people affected by parent or sibling imprisonment to share their experiences by creating work with artists
  • In Tune supports family relations while a parent is in prison through creative arts. In Tune (again with Families Outside) is a project that brings the imprisoned parent, their children and primary carer together for whole-family music making in prison
  • Unbound is our weekly meal and creative making gathering for all involved in Vox Liminis, building community with differently situated people in the criminal justice system

All of this is based on a belief that rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders is only possible by working together with people with convictions, their families, artists, criminal justice practitioners and other partners – building community and collaboration with perhaps unlikely collaborators.